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Ascoltando Mike Oldfield

Tubular Bells (Pag. 19-20)

Tubular Bells on Spotify


Tubular Bells II (Pag. 21-22)

Tubular Bells II on Spotify

Tubular Bells III (Pag. 28)

The World Premiere of Tubular Bells III (Live from Horse Guard Parade, London)
Tubular Bells III on Spotify

Hergest Ridge (Pag. 23-24)

Versione orchestrale
Part 1 Tribute di Fadalack (cover)

Part 2
Hergest Ridge on Spotify


Da QE2 (Pag. 25)

Arrival. Mix (Abba & Mike Oldfield)
QE2 on Spotify

Ommadawn (Pag. 26)

Part One

Ommadawn on Spotify

The Songs of the Distant Earth (Pag. 27)

The Songs of the Distant Earth On Spotify

Da Tr3S Lunas (Pag. 29-30)


No Man’s Land


Tr3s Lunas

Tr3S Lunas On Spotify

Da Light and Shade (Pag. 31-32)


First Steps




Music of the Sphere Pag.33-34)

Music Of The Spheres On Spotify

Music of the Spheres 2008 Live in Bilbao with interview

Harmonia Mundi

Part 3

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